About ProRevision™

ProRevision™ is a subscription website for schools in the UK and worldwide. It is an online diagnostic tool to test, mark and evaluate pupils’ subject knowledge and understanding.

ProRevision™ is ADAPTIVE
It makes that process of revising for exams much more efficient by drilling down through short, "diagnostic" tests to only those parts of every subject each pupil needs to work on. This way, every individual can attain the best scores possible. To find out what areas of education we cover click here

ProRevision™ is DIAGNOSTIC
Standardised tests and set subject content are a given for all of us throughout life. Our technology doesn't replace one-to-one teaching: it supports teachers in using class time to teach. Based on the responses of students new tests are created to further stretch their knowledge and understanding as well as providing further testing of questions previously answered incorrectly. To see what makes this programme unique click here

ProRevision™ is SMART
Questions are written by experienced subject specialists. The question set includes several questions relating to each topic ensuring that the student's knowledge in each topic is thoroughly tested. ProRevision™ pricing is smart too! Our subscriptions are geared to be kind to school budgets, parent & student wallets and pupils’ pocket money (as mobile apps).