How ProRevision™ Works

Targeted Revision

ProRevision™ first processes the data captured from the results of its subject specific tests and re-tests. The program then builds two separate 'smart reports', one for the teacher and one for the pupil. This analyses, compiles and adapts the results of each individual pupil, showing up strengths and weaknesses so only those areas that need work are revised. Pupils' subject knowledge is increased giving them the best possible chance of success.

Teaching Targets

ProRevision™ serves to support the teacher with real time reports on pupils' revision results. This frees the teacher from time spent marking and creating new class tests, so class time can be used more productively for the subject in general. Most importantly the online environment gives the teacher the outcome of the report without delay, allowing them the flexibility to structure classes with targeted revision for each pupil's weaknesses. A Head of Department login gives an extra level of review for the institution as a whole. This combination of teacher support being adaptive, diagnostic and smart, is unique to ProRevision™.

Learning Targets

ProRevision™ likewise helps the pupil at home by only focusing very specifically on what each pupil needs to revise, adapting ever more precisely with each test they complete. It’s advantage over other similar programs is that it has the ability to generate a series of tests for each individual based on their shown weaknesses. It can then share those weaknesses in an immediately usable fashion to the teacher in realtime. The pupil is supported with a pupil report which highlights where they need to revise before they take their automatically generated ProRevision™ re-test. The re-test will give them only questions on those topics with which they have difficulties. This combination of adaptive, diagnostic and smart pupil features is unique to ProRevision™.


Getting Started

Every subject is divided into topics carefully aligned to the exam board specifications. Within each topic there are a number of tests which have been designed to test knowledge within that specific topic. A staff member allocates tests to either an individual student or the whole class.

Once a test has been allocated to a student it will appear on the student's home page.

When a student selects a test to perform they can navigate their way forward and back through the test by using the arrow buttons top left and top right. They can also jump to a specific question by clicking on the question number in the bar at the top.

The student can leave the test at any time by clicking on the pause button. This will take the student back to their home page. All progress is saved so the user can resume the test at a later time.

Once the student has reached the last question the submit button becomes visible. When the test is submitted it cannot be modified. Once submitted the test will be marked and is visible through the view results button. They will be able to see their results immediately and where they have got questions wrong, they will be guided to textbook references and online resources where available.